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For many business owners, the most noticeable sign of a Google Penalty is inbound leads, sales, and phone calls drying up. Once they analyse recent website traffic, they'll likely notice a sharp drop, without always knowing the cause. In many instances, the cause is a Google Penalty, but the reason for the penalty won't always be clear.
There are two types of Google penalties - algorithmic, and manual - but only manual penalties are communicated to website operators and owners via the Google Search Console. This makes them easier to resolve, since the reason for the penalty is clearly communicated, and you can then take steps to correct whatever part of the Google Webmaster Guidelines you are in violation of. Algorithmic penalties, however, are not communicated, and require considerably more research and corrective action to recover from.
A free Google Penalty Assessment from Conversion Digital will reveal if your site has been affected by manual and/or algorithmic Google penalties.
Google is continually making adjustments to their search and indexing algorithms to keep search results accurate and relevant to users. Many adjustments are minor, with no significant impact to how most business rank in Google search results. But it is the major updates that roll-out periodically, and with no warning, that can negatively impact even well-established websites. In the past Google named major updates - such as the Penguin and Panda updates - and released details of the type of content and SEO practices they affected. But since the so-called Medic update of August 2018, Google no longer names updates, nor do they provide information of what the update entails. This has made it significantly more difficult for business owners to recover from any negative impact a Google algorithmic update and penalty causes.
We can then work with you to develop and implement a strategy to recover from the Google Penalty in as little time as possible. Our team's collective years of experience and expertise, combined with in-depth knowledge of Google's algorithm updates and the steps required to resolve the different penalty types and causes, are reflected in the dozens of leading Australian brands and websites we have helped recover from Google penalties. Contact us to request your free Google Penalty Assessment, and to learn more about how we can help your brand recover from all types of penalties.

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