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16 Million Australians use Facebook in 2019
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59% of global consumers use social media as a source of inspiration for purchases. With over 90% of advertisers planning to run Facebook ads for their clients this year, why aren’t you?
Social media advertising can provide amazing results for any industry. If you’re used to advertising on Google or TV, boost your conversions with a Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or LinkedIn campaign!
Social media advertising can heavily personalise ads, find niche audiences, retarget previous customers, website visitors and more! Conversion Digital are social media experts and ahead of the next big trends. Compliment your existing advertising with social media ads or let us help you optimise your existing ads & audiences.
Like for Like Likes and engagement are always great for brand awareness, but what about profits? Conversion Digital gives you a detailed like for like sales analysis every month. This transparency helps you gain insight into how social media advertising is helping grow your sales and to strategise for the future. Get high-quality leads and conversions with a tailored social media advertising campaign! Custom Audience Facebook has millions of active users in Australia, this offers some of the best targeting available on the internet. Target a custom audience by utilising your existing customer base. Minimise your ad spend and maximise your ROI by targeting the most likely people that will purchase your service. Upload your current newsletter subscriber list, etc and target them if they’re on Facebook or build ‘lookalike audiences’ to search social media to target users similar to your existing customers.
Reach ‘Reach’ on social media is the number of unique users who have seen your content. This will affect your ad performance, link clicks and engagement. Get the most out of your reach with Conversion Digital’s unique ad copy and imagery to turn positive responses and link clicks into real customers. Cold, Warm & Hot Audiences It takes on average a person 7 times to see an ad before they take action. Social media audiences allow you to target and retarget potential customers. Start with custom audiences, lookalikes or people with similar interests to your brand. Then Conversions Digital can create more personalised ads for ‘warm’ retargeting audiences to target website visitors or people engaged with your social media content. For the final hit, retarget users who have left items in their online shopping cart and more! Conversion Digital can create the framework, the ads, audiences to maximise your social media advertising returns.

Our Clients Say

Conversion Digital pull back the Kimono and provide the executive with a profound understanding of risk and impact to platform innovations and transformations
Geraldine Davies
CMO, Nissan

At Conversion Digital we are all about long term relationships. We care about our clients, and understand that their success is our success. We work to become an extension of their own digital department. We strive to deliver ROI from every campaign and love nothing more than helping our clients grow to become the dominant brand in their space.

We partner with our clients and get to know them like family to really understand their business in detail. Then we focus on delivering results and driving conversions that are in line with our customers objectives. It’s in our name CONVERSION Digital!

If we sound like the right fit for your business, get in contact now to partner with us on your digital journey!