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65% of users say a poor mobile experience negatively impacts their opinion of the brand
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As a leader when it comes to digital transformation, at Conversion Digital we don’t only help businesses and organisations develop and grow their internet presence, we also help them at every stage of the digital transformation process. Which frequently includes software development in the form of web, mobile, and more recently, progressive web app (PWA) development.
We understand that some businesses have a greater need for a web app than they do for a mobile app, so we don’t push one platform over another. We get to understand your business, your audience, and your needs first before we start talking about ideal solutions. Like web development, app development is fluid and progressive, with new technologies creating new opportunities, such as PWAs. While not as well-known as regular web and mobile apps, progressive web apps are a rapidly developing trend with brands such as Twitter, Uber, Alibaba, and Lancôme all having already launched their own PWAs.
Australia is listed in the top 10 of the 2018 top markets by consumer spend for app revenue on both ios and google play
Research For us it is not only important to understand your needs, but also the needs of your audience. We extensively research the problems you hope to address through your app, before studying how these problems affect your audience, and how an app would solve this. This doesn’t only assist us in establishing whether you would benefit from a web, mobile, or progressive web app, but also guides the initial approach to design. Design An app might solve some internal business problems, but it can only achieve this if it is loved and used by your customers. All aspects of the app design are user-centric, focusing on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), initially led by earlier research findings, but later by new research and workshops that help us fine-tune the UI and UX.
Develop We believe an iterative and agile approach to development is more important than trying to launch a fully formed app. We create an app development road map that outlines all stages of the development process, starting with launching a minimum viable product, followed by updates that progressively add features. Support Proper support is critical to any app’s success, from initial release, through to ongoing maintenance to address changes in user behaviour, along with flaws introduced through browser and mobile operating system updates. Conversion Digital is ready to lead you into the next stage of your digital transformation with application development services that match your need and can grow with your business.

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Conversion Digital pull back the Kimono and provide the executive with a profound understanding of risk and impact to platform innovations and transformations
Geraldine Davies
CMO, Nissan

At Conversion Digital we are all about long term relationships. We care about our clients, and understand that their success is our success. We work to become an extension of their own digital department. We strive to deliver ROI from every campaign and love nothing more than helping our clients grow to become the dominant brand in their space.

We partner with our clients and get to know them like family to really understand their business in detail. Then we focus on delivering results and driving conversions that are in line with our customers objectives. It’s in our name CONVERSION Digital!

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