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Smile Solutions is the largest private dentist in Australia, with 90+ dentists on the team.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Strategy
  • Paid Performance

The challenge

Smile Solutions website was penalised by the Google Medic update in August 2018 and lost 80% of its rankings — even for its own brand.

The solution

Penalty assessment and SEO Re-engineering we successfully removed the penalty within three months of starting and reinstated Page 1 rankings and continue to drive accelerated growth.

The results

Successfully removed their Google Penalty and regained their #1 positioning on Google within 6 months. This led to a 1,000% increase of leads and reduced their Search Engine Marketing spend from $70k a month to 6k per month.


increase in organic traffic


increase in bookings


increase in leads


reduction of SEM spend

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