Drummond Golf

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Drummond Golf needed to upgrade from Magento 1.9 to 2.2 to ensure the best online user experience for their customers. The new site needed to foster the Drummond Golf brand and allow for flexibility, freshness and a variety of content, as well as merchandising, promotion and conversion opportunities. Throughout the discovery phase of the project Conversion Digital developed a deep knowledge of the brand, understood the objectives for the key stakeholders from DG and got to know the DG customer personas. This assisted us to deliver the best user experience for the end user, whilst integrating with many of DG’s other platforms, including POS and CRM. The new site showcases branded content, particularly expressing the brand’s energy, so the brand voice is consistent, regardless of site entryway.         .   


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Strathbogie Shire Council were struggling to engage their community on a digital level.  They were also struggling to understand their tourism, where their visitors were coming from, where they were going and how long they were staying. We conducted a detailed discovery session with the Shire to understand who their community is and who their visitors are, along with understanding the needs and objectives of the Shire. From this, Conversion Digital developed 2 concepts for the Shire; 1. Redeveloping the existing website to focus on community engagement and access to all information in one digital platform and 2. Creating a tourism application that allowed visitors to see what the Shire has to offer and design a dynamic trial for their visit. We used augmented reality to deliver the best user experience for the visitor, whilst capturing valuable data for the council to showcase where the visitors are coming from, how long they are staying and what attractions they are going to.  This groundbreaking solution allowed Strathbogie Shire Council to make smarter business decisions based on data to improve the community and increase the visits to the area to help grow local business.    

Entry into eCommerce can be difficult. We recommended Shopify as the entry-level eCommerce platform for Renewd. The site launched and went live in October 2017. Sales for Renewd exploded and by partnering with Conversion Digital, Renewd has been able to achieve $3M in online turnover in their first year of trade. By getting the online fundamentals right for Renewed across, website design, UX, SEO, SEM & social we were able to achieve these amazing results. This is an integral part of how Conversion Digital works, we get the fundamentals right and build from there to help our clients grow.             

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

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Telstra Perth Fashion Festival came to us with one objective, sell maximum tickets for the show. Conversion Digital developed a specific social media campaign across Facebook and Instagram focusing on custom audiences. We started with a cold campaign driving new traffic from social to the TPFF website. Then we created a strategic warm audience campaign, re-marketing to all website visitors with a 'buy now' offer and driving them to the ticket purchase page. The previous year, prior to partnering with Conversion Digital, TPFF ran a 12-week campaign and only had 4,000 visits to their website for the campaign with a ticket sale conversion rate of 7%. With Conversion Digital's enhanced strategy, we were able to drive 17,000 new visitors to the TPPF website, with a conversion rate of 33%! And all this in only an 8-week campaign! Conversion Digital SOLD OUT all shows!

iSelect is a purely digital brand and needs to be found online for hyper-competitive brand agnostic terms, including car insurance. The first macro objective was to stop the organic traffic decline they had been experiencing.  The second was to increase iSelect’s online presence, impression share, clicks and conversion rates. With great people, a great brand and a lot of teamwork, the key objectives have been achieved. iSelect is now ranking No. 1 for National customer queries including Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, & Life Insurance. We are now working together to future proof their online presence.           


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MegaCourts is the largest Indoor Sports Centre in South Australia. MegaCourts launched in 2016 and struggled to gain traction & were running at a loss.  MegaCourts tried several marketing strategies and digital agencies. In May 2018 MegaCourts retained Conversion Digital to reset and relaunch its digital marketing strategy and by June 2018 we turned things around so that they are now enjoying highly profitable months. The turnaround was achieved by teamwork and our data driven digital strategy which included leveraging the success of Fortnite, a global sensation by Epic Games.  Now MegaCourts laser tag parties are booked out every weekend! By layering in a digital strategy that took into account MegaCourt's nuances, MegaCourts revenue is now growing at over 50% year on year.  



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TravelInsurance was hit with the dreaded Penguin penalty by Google in March 2012. As a result of the penalty, their website disappeared from the Internet.  Business dried up overnight. From 2012 to 2017 TravelInsurance tried a number of digital agencies and tactics to get rid of the Penguin penalty.  In late 2017 Travelinsurance sought our advice and with close teamwork, a deep dive into historical actions and basically a lot of hard work, the dreaded Google penalty has been removed.  Today Travelinsurance is bounding up the rankings.