Why Great UX Design Is Essential For Your Business

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In the modern digital business environment, where companies have to fight for user attention like never before, stellar user experience has become critical to business success.

With over 3 billion users today, the Internet has become a global marketplace. But how can companies and organizations distinguish themselves from their competitors in this crowded marketplace?

Most users leave a website after the first 10-20 seconds. Over 28% of people uninstall an app within only two days of installing it. After observing the discouraging stats, you’re probably wondering: Why?

Unfortunately, UI/UX is often understated and many businesses pay the price in terms of user engagement and website traffic. It’s time to change the course for your business and take UI/UX to the next level.

Why is UX design crucial to any business?

Most of today’s businesses have at least a digital component — could be e-commerce webshops, websites, or blogs. So when considering UX design, most people refer to creating digital experiences, like a purchasing process in a webshop, or using an app.

Interesting UI/UX Facts

Here are some compelling figures recently gathered:

  • Intentional and strategic user experience can raise conversion rates by 400%
  • 74% of people return to a website optimized for mobile
  • $1 investment in UX brings $2-$100 ROI

All these statistics demonstrate that great UI/UX can have an impressive effect on your business. It can draw more users on your website/app, make them stay for extended sessions, convert them to buy your product, and significantly improve your bottom line. That’s why focusing on the UI/UX design is essential if you want to grow your business.

Investing in UX design can significantly reduce your costs down the line, among many other benefits. It can increase conversion rates and boost revenue. Here are a few reasons why great UI/UX is essential for your business:

Reducing costs

With any new project, there is always a certain amount of risk. UX design focuses on research, analysis, and testing, and can help you reduce some of these unpredictable risks.

More and more companies realize that managing possible usability issues or problems should remain in the design stage of the process. Design changes are considerably easier to make than development changes and less expensive.

Often, the majority of bugs found within a product are usability issues. Most of those issues could have been addressed in an initial prototyping stage, which is the main aspect of UX design.

Although working in this iterative fashion may seem more expensive to start with, it can save money in the long term and can help build a product of higher quality. It also boosts conversions and engagement rates with your target users.

Increasing conversions

With a plethora of websites and apps available, few stand out from the rest. That’s because they are effortless to use and users can find relevant information quickly.

Unfortunately, many websites have over intricate designs that may look attractive, but ultimately they are pushing away prospects as they strive to find information relevant to them.

The main reason for this behavior is the fact that we as humans are impatient. And this impatience is further amplified in the online world.

Because of that, it is vital to consider how to decrease the number of steps users need to take to make a purchase, thus increasing the number.

There are two core principles when optimizing websites or apps from a UX perspective.
Reducing the number of steps that the user needs to make is a key part of UX design.

The main goal is to stimulate conversions and interactions across your website or app. This involves purchasing a product, booking tickets, or sorting through a database of complex information.

Maintaining things as intuitive as possible is imperative to prevent users from becoming annoyed when they are attempting to complete their tasks on your website or app.

Call to action is also a significant part of conversions. These buttons should make it obvious to the user what action they are about to take. Text on the buttons should be precise and straightforward.

Researchers asked why is UX design crucial to any business, and they found poor UI/UX design to be the top reason why people cease to engage with a website or app. UI/UX is the most critical aspect of a business, with the potential to make or break your brand.

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Great UX Increases Customer Satisfaction

A poor UI/UX pushes users away from your website or app. It ends in nothing but lower customer satisfaction. On the other hand, an engaging UX/UI keeps users hooked and satisfied. It also improves the return of investment (ROI). That’s why it’s essential to secure an excellent UI/UX quality.

Interactive UX Engages with Users

According to a Microsoft study published in Time magazine, humans have an attention span of only 8 seconds. After that, they either stay or leave.

Now, the users’ choice to explore or leave relies entirely on the UI/UX of your website or mobile app. If these users enjoy the UI/UX and obtain the information they are looking for, they will linger for a couple of minutes or sometimes hours. That’s why your business should provide useful information along with an interactive user experience.

Great UX Establishes Your Brand Reputation

The first impression is the last impression. Did you know that over 75% of users make purchasing decisions based on colors? This behavior means more than half of Internet users will not even bother to check your app or website if they don’t consider the color appealing.

Therefore, you need to be mindful while building the user experience of your app/website. Research what element your users enjoy and what they detest, and then design the user experience accordingly.

This can prevent you from making risky UI/UX mistakes, and it will build your reputation in the market. This is especially effective when you are a small startup. An impeccable and interactive UI/UX can help in establishing your market reputation as a brand.

Great UX Increases Your Traffic

IT is a competitive field. Hundreds of companies provide the same type of products and services. How will your business stand out? What will you do to ensure that users engage with your website/app? Well, that’s where the UI/UX comes to the rescue.

A great UI/UX always makes users stay. If your website/app is designed brilliantly and user experience is stellar, nothing can stop them from navigating to the predetermined target and converting them into valuable customers. Hence, it’s yours and the UI/UX developers’ responsibility to ensure the highest quality UI/UX of your website/app.

So How Can You Improve the UI/UX?

After realizing the value of UI/UX design in business, you might be questioning how to improve the user experience of your website/app.

Here are a couple of tips from a few UI/UX experts put together:

  • Know what your audience wants.
  • Put yourself in users’ shoes and ask this question: Would I be happy with the user experience if someone else created it?
  • Don’t flood your app/website with too many elements and keep it simple and precise.
  • Offer what users want, not what you desire.
  • Make the Sign In process simple.
  • Don’t let your customers get lost or confused.
  • Make the design feel relevant to the end-user.
  • Observe other people’s work and learn from it.
  • Consider human psychology, color patterns, and behavior in your design.

Investing in great UX design can bring many benefits to your business. It can boost conversion rates and increase revenue.

Without applying UX design best practices to your digital assets like websites, webshop, or app, you risk losing customers over bad user experience. It’s essential to discover your users’ intentions and needs and create the experience they seek around them.

But great UX design is not about simply increasing conversions or sales. It’s about ensuring an engaging and satisfying experience for your users so that they keep coming back.

If you need assistance with UX design on your website or app, contact us today and let us find out how we can help you.

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