Supporting NFP’s via Google Grants

Supporting NFPs via Google Grants Conversion Digital

The vital NFP sector in Australia continues to grow, it’s becoming more difficult for each organisation to win the attention & support of its constituents to help drive its mission.

Many NFP’s have not yet tapped into the generosity of Google’s Grant program. Some have not even heard of it! Conversion Digital is proud to work with many NFP’s of all shapes and sizes to assist with managing Google Grants.

Want to Know If Your NFP Qualifies for the $10K per Month Grant? Keep Reading!

The Google Ad Grant gives you up to $10,000 USD each month in ad credit. Which they split into $329 USD max spend per day. If you have a high traffic day it will only spend that much in grants for you, potentially leaving extra traffic untouched! You will need a paid account separate from the Google Grant account if you wish to spend more per day from your own budget. The Google Grant process can be time-consuming and requires a level of experience, so let Conversion Digital do it for you. We’ve successfully applied for dozens of Google Grants and also managed the accounts, keeping a high click through rate and squeezing maximum value out of the Grant for our clients.

What requirements you need to achieve to be able to apply for a Google Grant in Australia:

  1. Registered as a charitable organisation in an approved country. Every organisation in Australia must be registered as a nonprofit with Connecting Up. They are the Australian branch of TechSoup.  Conversion Digital can help you get registered with both Connecting Up and Google Grants!
  1. Your organisation can NOT be a:
  • Hospital or health care organisation
  • Governmental entity or organisation
  • Childcare centre, academic institution or university.
  1. The NFP must be income tax exempt (ITE) as determined by the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Taxation Office
  1. You must have a fully functioning website that provides adequate information on your organisation
  1. Agree to Google’s terms & conditions on non-discrimination, donation receipts, etc.

Learn more about the program from Google here.

Conversion Digital has worked with not for profits including Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, One in Five, Alcohol & Drug Foundation, Activ, Jamie’s Ministry of Food and many more. We help to get their Google Grant application approved, register with Connecting Up, get conversion tracking ready and maximise the return from their grant credit.

Other limits to the grant include: you can only advertise on the Google Search Network, your account has to maintain a minimum clickthrough rate of 5%, every ad group must have at least 2 live ads, you need to actively update your ads every month and ad groups every three.

Conversion Digital will help you manage these restrictions and more to make sure that your grant account doesn’t get suspended or have underperforming ads. We help you find the keywords with the highest relevancy and potential click-through rate.

To learn more about partnering with Conversion Digital to apply for a Google Grant give us a call on (03) 8417 8727 or email us at [email protected]!

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