Strathbogie Shire Council were struggling to engage their community on a digital level.  They were also struggling to understand their tourism, where their visitors were coming from, where they were going and how long they were staying. We conducted a detailed discovery session with the Shire to understand who their community is and who their visitors are, along with understanding the needs and objectives of the Shire. From this, Conversion Digital developed 2 concepts for the Shire; 1. Redeveloping the existing website to focus on community engagement and access to all information in one digital platform and 2. Creating a tourism application that allowed visitors to see what the Shire has to offer and design a dynamic trial for their visit. We used augmented reality to deliver the best user experience for the visitor, whilst capturing valuable data for the council to showcase where the visitors are coming from, how long they are staying and what attractions they are going to.  This groundbreaking solution allowed Strathbogie Shire Council to make smarter business decisions based on data to improve the community and increase the visits to the area to help grow local business.