Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Facebook Marketing Strategy

Nowadays it’s clear that you can’t have a digital marketing strategy without being on Facebook first. And this comes as no surprise considering that the platform is the biggest social media networ
Published date: 20/01/2020
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Which influencer is right for you?

Reports say a single post on a Kardashian/Jenner page can go for up to $500,000. And for good reason, a post from a Kardashian can result in a company’s product completely selling out in minutes and
Published date: 02/12/2019
Social Media Advertising

7 Key Tips to Build Your Business’ Presence on Instagram

With over one billion users, Instagram is one of the most influential and far reaching platforms out there. These days it is absolutely essential for businesses to capitalise on this by maintaining a
Published date: 20/03/2019
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