When Will Universal Analytics End

All software changes over time. What uses expect from software, how they use it, and what technology allows is always in a state of flux. Which is why it is hardly surprising that–after a healthy ru
Published date: 22/04/2022

5 SEO Trends You Should Focus on in 2022

When we talk about SEO trends, we aren’t equating it to fashion trends that seesaw according to the season and TikTok influencers. SEO trends are less erratic and are influenced both by major algori
Published date: 17/02/2022

Google’s November 2021 Core Algorithm Update

Google’s annual revenue has grown from US$400 million in 2002, to more than US$180 billion in 2020. And a significant portion of this comes from their search business. Which explains why changes are
Published date: 27/01/2022

Quick Guide to the New .au Direct Namespace

In August 2021, .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) announced that a new .au direct namespace would be made available to Australians from 24 March 2022. It does not replace existing Australian na
Published date: 22/08/2021

Is Influencer Marketing A Viable Marketing Tool?

While influencer marketing is on the rise, you could ask yourself: is influencer marketing a viable tool in 2021's marketing strategy? Read on to find out.
Published date: 29/03/2021
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