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Drummond Golf

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Drummond Golf needed to upgrade from Magento 1.9 to 2.2 to ensure the best online user experience for their customers. The new site needed to foster the Drummond Golf brand and allow for flexibility, freshness and a variety of content, as well as merchandising, promotion and conversion opportunities. Throughout the discovery phase of the project Conversion Digital developed a deep knowledge of the brand, understood the objectives for the key stakeholders from DG and got to know the DG customer personas. This assisted us to deliver the best user experience for the end user, whilst integrating with many of DG’s other platforms, including POS and CRM. The new site showcases branded content, particularly expressing the brand’s energy, so the brand voice is consistent, regardless of site entryway.         .   


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Strathbogie Shire Council were struggling to engage their community on a digital level.  They were also struggling to understand their tourism, where their visitors were coming from, where they were going and how long they were staying. We conducted a detailed discovery session with the Shire to understand who their community is and who their visitors are, along with understanding the needs and objectives of the Shire. From this, Conversion Digital developed 2 concepts for the Shire; 1. Redeveloping the existing website to focus on community engagement and access to all information in one digital platform and 2. Creating a tourism application that allowed visitors to see what the Shire has to offer and design a dynamic trial for their visit. We used augmented reality to deliver the best user experience for the visitor, whilst capturing valuable data for the council to showcase where the visitors are coming from, how long they are staying and what attractions they are going to.  This groundbreaking solution allowed Strathbogie Shire Council to make smarter business decisions based on data to improve the community and increase the visits to the area to help grow local business.    

Entry into eCommerce can be difficult. We recommended Shopify as the entry-level eCommerce platform for Renewd. The site launched and went live in October 2017. Sales for Renewd exploded and by partnering with Conversion Digital, Renewd has been able to achieve $3M in online turnover in their first year of trade. By getting the online fundamentals right for Renewed across, website design, UX, SEO, SEM & social we were able to achieve these amazing results. This is an integral part of how Conversion Digital works, we get the fundamentals right and build from there to help our clients grow.             



SEO is focused on being found online across the country. It is highly competitive and often involves publicly listed companies and companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. Hundreds of jobs can depend on ranking position 1 or position 20. At Conversion, we specialise in getting you in the top 3 positions on Google, which deliver over 45% of all click-throughs. Examples of brands targeting National include, iSelect and National Storage.  Each successful SEO campaign is unique, but they all involve a site audit, a deep dive analysis on competitors and a clear content strategy.

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Google Ads is an online advertising service developed by Google. Advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy, product listings and video content within the Google ad network to web users. This can be delivered across Google AdWords, Remarketing, Display Network and Google Shopping. Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website. The Google Display Network can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favourite websites, showing...

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Social Media

Social media plays an important part in the everyday lives of your customers. If you don’t get this right it can significantly impact your business. Conversion Digital will use data to understand your customer and develop a social media strategy that suits them and you as a business, which will show the highest brand engagement and return on investment. It's all about consistency and ensuring your brand message is in line with what your customers want. We specialise in all social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest.

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With over 40 in house web development specialists, from Solution Architects, Business Analysts and UX & UI designers, Conversion Digital is one of Australia’s largest web development agencies.  We get to know you and your customers to ensure we deliver the best user experience which is in line with your objectives. Get in contact with us now to discuss how we can help guide and grow your online journey through enterprise web development. 

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At Conversion Digital we work seamlessly across the entire digital landscape from digital marketing to web and mobile app development. Our industry expertise and focused footprint make us a powerful partner to help our customers accelerate growth through digital transformation. We have extensive capabilities in both iOS and Android operating systems. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering knowledge and technology capabilities, our mobile app division identifies new business and technology trends. We develop innovative solutions to help clients enter new markets, increase revenues, improve operational performance and deliver products more effectively and efficiently. It is in our DNA to continue pushing...

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We like to partner with our clients and get to know them like family to really understand their business in detail. Then we focus on delivering results and driving conversions that are in line with our customers objectives. It’s in our name CONVERSION Digital!

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We partner with our clients and get to know them like family to really understand their business in detail. Then we focus on delivering results and driving conversions that are in line with our customers objectives. It’s in our name CONVERSION Digital!

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